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2009-10-25 03:45:10 by MaliousTrey

and im back from a long hiatus, put up a new song, plan on coming to check out stuff alot more often, weehaw, new song is here: /283006

listen and please review! if you have something to say about the song then say it. ;) i can take it!.

anyway, victorious return n all that. glad to be back for sure.

the hell?

2008-02-08 23:40:39 by MaliousTrey

good GODS man!, put a new song up, for those of you who missed it however, this makes three in a few days, check em out, respecivley they are:

and now as of tonight workload.

please please PLEASE bloody review em, im honestly interested in what everyones opinions is of them.

i came back and there was much rejoicing

2008-02-02 21:36:17 by MaliousTrey

yeah so i been gone a long long while i know, dont hate me, i put up two new songs, bliss and silkroad, please everyone listen and comment.

double yew tee eff mate.

2007-09-02 23:38:18 by MaliousTrey

got my most recent song up, love it, been up for a few days (read: 3 or 4) listen to it comment on how you like it,

also, audio folks, GOTO THE IRC DAMNIT!

its dead as piss in there and i cant takes it no more,



edit: ganked from chron ->

Description: QuakeNet: Random server
Irc Server:
Port(s): 6667-6669
Group: Quakenet

or: akeNet

room name: #newgrounds_audio

ugh ><

2007-08-19 21:20:09 by MaliousTrey

sorry, no new songs up i know, getting ready (psuedo-ready) to move to my new digs, will be posting up a few i imagine in a few days or so. either way there is it. listen to some of my older stuff comment on em, and ill use that to try to shape some of my new stuff


2007-07-26 23:07:17 by MaliousTrey

got my new one up, first attempt on a DnB song, love it, comment,


2007-07-24 09:32:15 by MaliousTrey

just woke up, threw up 3 new songs over the last thre days, think imma work on another, dunno though. depends on if i wake up quick enough while im still in the mood.

anyway listen, review so on so forth.



7 of 7 up

2007-07-21 11:53:35 by MaliousTrey

put up my seven songs ive made thus far, cant make more until i can get my acid pro working again (damn this computer) ill be having it up and running soon, but in the meantime if anyone likes my songs ive put up and want to use any as audio for your flashworks so on, go right ahead. should have acid pro up and running in a bit >< gotta figure out whats wrong with it T.T

ok this is silly

2007-07-20 19:47:45 by MaliousTrey

ive noticed ive gotten a zero ranking on my latest song and im imagining it has to do with those blatant blammers, heres the deal, i dont care if you mark my work down, but if you are going to, man up and give a bloody reason, the sheer aspect of the wankery that one would go through just to downrate someones submission just to do it is by far one of the most convoluted means to show off an e-peen, at least do us a favor and say what the hell the issue is to be marking a song down like that.


2007-07-19 22:23:13 by MaliousTrey

WOOOOOOOOOOO! ok first post, gunna toss up the rest of some of my audio stuff, heh i suck with flash in and of itself , but i thought id toss my music up to kinda sorta get some vauge exposeure.

if you like it please tell me, if not say what you dont like so on.